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No Room For Argument: Mikhail Svetov is a Vicious Sado-Pedophile

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Just the Facts:

We need to have a serious talk about an ambitious young politician from Russia named Mikhail Svetov. Over the last couple of years, Svetov has done a tremendous amount of self-promotion work for his party and his brand in Russia.

First, he launched a public debate show where he began having discussions with influencers and media personalities in Russia. His connections helped his YouTube channel quickly grow and he began to actively promote his other social media accounts. People began to treat Svetov seriously - they came onto his show to be interviewed and to participate in debates, despite a growing mountain of evidence that they were dealing with a particularly nasty pedophile. Despite it being a well-known point of interest on the Russian internet, there are people who prefer to act like they are unaware of Svetov’s old Instagram and LiveJournal accounts as well as a website he administered himself. This has to end. People WILL learn the truth about Svetov. No one will be able to deny the evidence that we have gathered here.

This matters to everyone, not just Russians.

Consider the following:

Svetov regularly hosts interviews with prominent Western public figures.

He conducted an interview with Peter Goettler, president of Cato Institute:

Another one with Fleming Rose, a notorious Danish journalist (also a Senior Fellow

at the Cato Institute).

But wait, there’s more: the President of the Foundation for Economic Education

Lawrence Reed joined Svetov for a chat.

Svetov used his deep connections to reach out to and host an event with H.H. Hoppe in Moscow and recorded a video interview with the latter:

Do these upstanding and well-respected members of society know about Svetov’s sordid proclivities? One hopes that they do not and have been hoodwinked as many others have been in Russia.

The point remains: Svetov clearly has excellent connections with Western think tanks, such as the Cato Institute.

Does Rand Paul know? We hope not.

It should also be noted that he studied Political Sciences at Nottingham University, and like so many other Russian liberals, has spent most of his life far away from Russia.

Most recently, however, Svetov conducted an interview with British dissident Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson is a controversial figure, to say the least. But it is quite clear that he was misled about Svetov because Robinson is well-known for his activism against migrant rape gangs in Britain that prey on vulnerable White British girls.

Robinson was shown Svetov’s appalling internet history sometime after giving an interview and was allegedly shocked and horrified. Anyone in his shoes would be. Svetov is antithetical to Robinson’s work. Tommy has not commented on Svetov or the interview since.

The Proof

Well, there is no point in waiting any longer. But a word of caution - the content has been censored as much as is possible, but is still graphic and not recommended for the faint of heart or people with a sensitive disposition.

The best place to start is with the almost unbelievable story surrounding the relationship between Svetov and his “girlfriend” - Anastasia Starodubskaya. Svetov kept the internet very well up to date on his relationship with Anastasia through his Instagram account. He posted photos of Anastasia in extremely suggestive sexual poses and fetish costumes for the consumption of other online perverts and the descriptions he provided on the photos would have made a Saudi sheik blush. The only debate is whether Anastasia was 15 or 16 years old at the moment that their relationship started and when he whisked her out of Russia to take a tour of Japan. What is not up for debate is that Anastasia looked very young for her age, just like a prepubescent 10-year-old girl in fact.

Here we have a screenshot which shows a fragment of the correspondence between Svetov and Egor Prosvirnin, the lead-editor of Czar.tv. Egor was one of the first people who contacted Mikhail after his apartment was raided by police hot on Svetov’s pedo trail because of an old post on his Instagram account:

“ - How old was Nastya (the girl) when the picture was taken?

- I did not know her before she turned 16”

Let one of Svetov's old tweets bust his own lie about the girl's age:

Here he changes his tune: “I started dating Nastya when she was 15. Pretending that girls are asexual beings in this age is a phony puritan lie

We will leave the story with Anastasia for now to give some more background on Svetov.

Mikhail managed a bizarre fetish website with his friends as well as a LiveJournal blog. You might be confused by some of the random names that appear under some of the posts. Suffice it to say, these are all just people who are friends and co-ideologues of Svetov who helped share and curate sexually perverted content on his website. All of these people knew what they were doing and were in constant contact with one another. That means that none of the moderators could have published anything without Svetov knowing about it and approving it.

Before we go on, however, we should point out that a pedophile is not just a person with a sexual attraction to children. A pedophile is, first and foremost, a degenerate with a huge baggage of perverted fetishes and interests. Besides pedophilia, Mikhail Svetov's websites and social media accounts are full of sadism, incest, and zoophilia and contain links to videos of brutal torture and murder of animals as well as many other degrading and inhuman displays. Once again, before we proceed further, we need to make a disclaimer: all screenshots, quotes, and images in this article were taken from Mikhail Svetov's websites and social media and we are publishing them with the sole purpose of showing people what he and his band of perverts are truly all about. We have applied more than the required level of censorship to these materials, but you should be prepared nonetheless. This is a very disturbing content:

As Svetov himself said about his website:

Caption: “Little girls and death are two of our favourite topics. Girls because they are cute, death because it is thrilling. Placed together, like on Chris Anthony’s pictures, they create a peculiar bouquet.”

What other apparent fetishes does pedophile Mikhail Svetov have? Well, he certainly has a thing for children in gas masks.

Svetov generally likes the topic of physical child abuse. We can't publish most of his perverted publications even if we censor the worst parts, but we are going to show you some exemplary posts that best demonstrate what this man wants to do to other people’s children.

Please note the file name: "kidnapped nymphets". You are probably well aware of the meaning of "kidnapping", but "nymphet" is another one of Svetov's favourite words. Let's look at how he defines it himself.

Caption: “I think that it's long overdue that we start packaging and selling little girls in supermarkets. One should be able to see the product from all sides. In other words, let the supply reach the market. That would be pleasant and overall a useful thing."

Caption: "our nymphetic readers - 1"

published by Mikhail Svetov in 2006

Caption: "Our Nymphetic Readers!

Unprecedented offer on kifkif.ru (Svetov's old website - ed.)! Are you a little girl or have you been one? Did you emanate Kawai and love being photographed? [...] You have a unique opportunity to take part in our new attraction! Send us your picture and we will publish it! [...]"

Mikhail is obviously quite attracted to Satanism and all things that are transgressive, so much so that this nymphet-fetishist published quite a lot of porn with biblical scenes:

Caption: "Come and see: a young artist who works in Beijing and tirelessly studies

the sexuality of Chinese nymphets, all while adding more charm to it through

biblical allusions."

For some reason, Christianity and traditional sexual morality angers Mikhail and his colleagues, but we are not going to devote too much attention to his blatant anti-Christian tendencies and will instead focus on his documented sexual perversion.

Meanwhile, on his Twitter account, Svetov recently started to publish pictures of kittens while adding cute comments of his own. It seems that Mikhail has wisely decided to take a break from politics and instead focus on improving his reputation by becoming the kind of politician who focuses more on cats and anime instead of on abusing children. Unfortunately for Svetov, the Internet has a long memory. He used to post pictures of kittens before, but they were of a totally different nature: (Warning: people with weak nerves should skip this part of the article):

In this video, a girl stamps a kitten to death with her heels. The video even has one comment:

A certain user under the pseudonym "Bashka" voices his RESPECT for Mikhail for posting this video. What's Svetov's strange relationship to animals all about, actually? Perhaps the next screenshot might help all of us understand it a bit better:

A wolf is masking himself as a friend, so he can attack and maul an innocent little girl at the opportune time. Touching stuff. This could be one of the best metaphors for Mikhail Svetov's character - and the nature of all pedo-predators for that matter. But Svetov isn’t exactly known for his subtlety. As if that wasn’t blatant enough, he decided to kick his anti-social behavior up a notch.

Remember that the same Mikhail who is posting kittens on his Twitter account now posted pictures like this when he was still a private citizen and not an aspiring leader in the opposition movement in Russia.

Caption: "I'd love to bring a corpse of a puppy in formaldehyde with me from Japan. Is it possible to import to Russia at all, or are we gonna be denied entry at the customs?"

WARNING! Dead animals below.

If you are not ready for this, it will be better to skip this part and move on..

But perhaps this is taken out of context? Just a smear job against Svetov the Saint!

Well, why don’t we let Mikhail speak for himself about the photo:

Caption: "Puppies in formaldehyde are great pets, you don't need to walk them. I'd get such a kitten, too. This is Nastya with the puppy. I should make a video sometime about interesting stuff in my closet"

Let's look at another favourite topic of Mikhail — nightmarish hentai porn:

"Horny Nazi Lolita" — wholesome stuff, wouldn’t you say? Our aspiring politician is quite the porn connoisseur and he has a particular love for Hentai - no doubt because 2D drawings are easier to come by and don’t carry the same stiff prison sentences.

And here Svetov decided to publish a comic that shows how an abortion is performed. A common theme emerges: sexual thrill derived from the abuse of the helpless.

"Orphan girls in their natural habitat". "I love orphans — there should be many more of them!"

Another favourite pastime of Svetov is interactive Japanese porno-games. Naturally, he prefers the ones that feature sex with 2D children - which is no doubt yet another coincidence, of course.

Note how carefully Mikhail recommends that people with weak nerves not visit this site. Apparently, he considers himself to be a person of sound mind, but at this point we are all having doubts about whether this is the case, to put it mildly.

Well, dear readers, shall we take a look at the gallery of pictures that was carefully added to this post?

Naked little girls, little girls beaten bloody, and a girl sitting in a puddle of menstrual blood.

Our study of Svetov's mind continues. What else does he like besides physically abused little girls? Well, like most pedophiles, Svetov does not discriminate. Little boys suit his tastes and his needs just as well as little girls do.

Mikhail had a whole section of his website that was titled "not girls". Let's take a look at what Svetov published in this section.

Not just boys who are dressed as girls, but also just naked boys.

Yes, and it get worse:

A naked boy lying in a pool, surrounded by severed mannequin heads. It would take a whole team of PR agents to cloak this nightmarish content in irony and somehow convince anyone with a functioning brain that this is OK. No decent person would ever make or share such images. We know it to be true. You know it to be true. Let’s stop denying the obvious here.

Svetov, who loves to denigrate Christianity is nevertheless a spiritual kind of guy and enjoys some of the more ... uh… attractive features ... of Buddhism.

At this point, we have to admit that there is just so much degenerate trash on Svetov's website that we admittedly don't even know how to catalogue it all. What should we shed light on first? We’re simply spoiled for choice. But let's take a small break from his website and read what Mikhail posted on his LiveJournal blog:

"I should exclude all possible misunderstandings and make clear that I played such games myself and I'm aroused at times by thoughts of violence, including violence against children. People with weak nerves should better not try to look into my head while I'm masturbating. I fapped at an image where a girl was penetrated through her trachea. And a couple of times I imagined myself to be the little girl on the receiving end. That's it."

Very interesting, Mikhail. Pray, continue:

"It's erotic when a girl has beautiful hands and feet and when you can see fresh scratches on her sharp knees. It's erotic when a girl is 14 years old and cries. When a girl is jumping around because she is happy about something, turns red and starts to breathe audibly. It's very erotic to hurt little girls -- but it's not allowed. It's erotic to watch a girl choosing panties with some silly drawing on them."

Well then, what else does he have to tell us? That he enjoys looking up girls’ skirts?

"It's erotic when a girl doesn't understand that she is particularly beautiful in a certain moment. Shuddering girls are very erotic. Redheads with glasses, braces and colourful stockings. And also girls in white stockings. It's erotic when you can see a slice of bare skin between a girls skirt, worn slightly above the knee, and her stockings when she walks."

Well... there still remains a huge portion of the website which we still need to expose. We haven't covered Svetov's interest in incest and haven't highlighted his passion for violence yet. But more about this later, for now, we will stick with Svetov's LiveJournal as we struggle to find a single redeeming feature about this serial-killer in training. Fortunately for us, Svetov made our job easier when he once wrote a piece called "100 facts about myself":

"51. When I was 13 years old, I found a huge amount of links to websites with photos of girls my age in the top-selection of adult content on [link removed]. After that, I wasn't interested in conventional pornography for a long time."

As if we needed any more proof about how dangerous pornography can be. A child who stumbled upon a website with "unconventional pornography" grew up to become a sick pervert whose name will forever be associated with pedophilia and promoting Austrian economics. Ya hate to see it.

"57. I have quite a lot of fetishes. I like girls with braces, redheads with freckles. Hurt girls are very ..."

Take note of Mikhail’s love for hurting little girls as we continue with our study of his LiveJournal:

"85. For a certain time I preferred girls over boys. I imagined them to be unprotected and thought that it was easy to exploit this. Now, of course, I learned that that's not the case."

"1: I make a very good first impression. It's much better than my actual character."

Be assured, Mikhail, that we will do all that we can to correct this unfortunate misunderstanding.

"5: I have no enemies, but many people don't like me. For their own, personal, reasons."

Well, Mikhail, you’ve definitely made yourself the enemy of all decent people now.

"47: I would like to live in the 19th century, so that I could "grow my own wife". Our retarded modern-day culture breeds moral degenerates and it's near to impossible to find the right person for one's life under such circumstances."

In a certain way, Svetov is right — modern culture does indeed breed moral degenerates. You need look no further than Svetov himself for living proof of that.

On his website, Svetov throws a temper-tantrum about the fact that "mothers don't take enough photos of their children when they are little" and presumably refuse to sell them to him. Mikhail's understanding of parental love and care is quite abnormal, which is why he is not interested in ordinary photographs, but prefers to focus on photographs of “nymphs” instead:

And as for the connoisseurs of degenerate art out there, who will no doubt try to justify and explain away all of the depraved smut presented above as some sort of high-brow flight of artistic fancy, we have an explanation straight out of the horse’s mouth, so please, spare us:

A post with a very clear and straight-forward title: "vintage child porn". Nice try, but this case is closed.

At the time of this writing, many articles on Mikhail's website stopped loading, so unfortunately we can't present you with a link to a now (in)famous screenshot with a quote that says "it's sad that not all mothers like to photograph their little children". We will instead move on from Svetov’s taste in art and shed some light on another one of Mikhail Svetov's favourite topics — twins:

Experiments on twins are not the only things that occupied the thoughts of visitors to Mikhail's website. Here, for example, are some conjoined twins:

But even strange preoccupations with twins fade in the light of Svetov’s most defining fetish: sadistic violence. We already showed you Mikhail's fantasies of kidnapping little girls in order to package and sell them, but now let’s see how his mask slips entirely when it comes to the topic of sadism and violence:

This is how they talk about "breeding" little girls on Mikhail's website.

Again, unlike Svetov, we are somewhat constrained here by basic decency so this is just a small selection of posts that are suitable for viewing - and this is after we applied the necessary censorship, no less. Everything else simply cannot be published for legal and ethical reasons. Rest assured however, that even as Svetov goes on a panicked deleting spree, the internet is forever and the internet will never let him off the hook. The materials discussed in this article are already quite enough to convincingly prove that the public activist, blogger with tens of thousands of subscribers, and one of the lead ideologues of libertarianism in Russia, Mikhail Svetov, is an anti-Christian pedophile, zoophile, sadist, animal abuser and total moral degenerate. The continued toleration of this mentally disturbed pervert in the public space is unacceptable and the name of this creature should only be used in public discourse as a scathing epithet, never with respect. Meanwhile, Svetov should not be allowed to roam around freely in any decent civilized society because he is clearly a menace to all decent families with children, be they sons or daughters, children or already young adults. We are dealing with a violent, twisted and potentially dangerous freak here, folks. At this point, everything with Svetov is quite clear and that means that people who knowingly associate with Svetov and promote him no longer have any excuses.

Would you willingly and knowingly associate and promote a pedophile? Would any decent person?

Suffice it to say, we will learn a lot more about the character of the people that continue to associate with Svetov in the coming days, weeks and years. We will be taking notes and hopefully, you will too.

Now that this information has been presented in English, Western journalists and other public personalities need to think long and hard about where they want to continue promoting and funding Mikhail Svetov’s activities in the future.

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